Destination meetings allow for the participants to take themselves out of the corporate structure and think freely. Many of the best ideas, programs and strategies are developed at off-site meetings where executives and staff can get creative, while also enjoying local activities and attractions.

Even more impactful, in a study done by Forbes, “companies that scored in the top 20% for building a “recognition-rich” culture actually have 31% lower voluntary turnover rates!” Forbes goes on to reference Maslow's hierarchy of needs which identifies appreciation as one of the most valuable psychological needs of the human being. Employees want to be recognized and rewarded. This is most important for sales staff; whose morale and performance are direct contributors to company revenue. Developing employee incentive programs to meet employee psychological needs is imperative.

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Corporate rewards programs, team building programs, destination meetings and awards and incentives are all effective ways to increase employee morale and improve performance, thus increasing productivity.